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Interview with Sigit Budiarto

Date: 15/5/2013

Sigit Budiarto (born 24 November 1975) is a World men's doubles Champion from Indonesia noted for his reflexes and deft handling of the racket. A men's doubles specialist, he won numerous international titles between 1995 and 2005, most of them in partnership with Candra Wijaya. He was a member of Indonesia's 3 times world Thomas Cup Champion (men's international) teams of 1998, 2000 and 2002. Budiarto shared the World Men's Doubles title with Wijaya in 1997 and they were runners-up in this event in 2003 and 2005. They claimed the prestigious All-England Championship in 2003. Sigit has been known by many to have one of the best skills in badminton and one the of trickiest player.






1. What age did you start playing?

6 years old from my parents. Around 7 years old I attend professional club training around 3 times a week.


2. Was it your intention to be a professional player from the start?

At the first it's just for fun, hobby and interest. Only at 16 years old I had that intention.


3. When did you realize you were good enough to be a world beater ?

When I enter the national hall at the of 19 years old going to 20 years old. Which is pretty late.


4. How were you noticed at the national level ?

Winning local circuits.


5. Which year was you drafted into the national squad?



6. Have you ever considered making a name in doubles?

Well when I was younger I played singles and doubles. But it's up to the coach in the national team to decide which field to play.


7. Did any of your batch mates made the same grade as you? If not, what was the reason?

Well there's a few which are same batch with me, they are Candra Wijaya, Tony Gunawan and Eng Hian. For those who can't make it, you have to ask them yourself (laughs).


8. How many years were you on the scene?

12 years. 1995 to 2007.


9.On your playing career which was the highlight of your career?

Winning the World Championhip in 1997, Winning Thomas Cup 3 times in 1998, 2000, 2002. Winning All England in 2003.


10. Which incident would you consider as a low point of your career?

I would say in 1998, I got suspended for 13 months due to being charged of using illegal substances in a doping test. To be honest until now I have no idea what I've taken which is illegal.


11. As a coach what is your highlight of your career?

Grooming my players from Djarum club to be world class players. It's picking up, I have groomed Asia Junior Champion in the boy's doubles department and World Junior Champion in the mixed doubles department.


12. How would you summarize your career?

Yes I'm quite satisfied with my career as a player but not yet as a coach. (smiles)


13. Do you still play? What other sports other than badminton?

Once in a while and there's no other sports, just badminton.


14. What do you think of the new points scoring system?

It's quite okay, but the pressure level is way higher. I've played in 15 points, 7 points and 21 points scoring system. You need good game plan to play in 21 one point scoring system.


15. Which player you admire at the start, both at the local and the international scene?

From the start there's no one I really admire.


16. As a player, what was your strength? Weakness, if any?

Well I think you have to ask other players on my strength (laughs). As for weakness I didn't pushed hard and all out enough during training.


17. Is it important to have a favourite stroke? What was yours then?

Yes you have to master all strokes. All strokes are my favourite stroke.


18. Were you good in other sports as well or badminton was just 'it?

Well I played football. Pretty good at it I would say.


19. Can you name a few international players, current or retired, who you regard as best or famous for a specific technique or an area of skills?

I admired Rexy Mainaky as he's an all rounder. He's good at everything.


20. Who do you regard as the all time best player?

It's hard to say as each players has their own eras. As for now, I would say Lilyana and Tantowi Ahmad in the mixed doubles. As for men's doubles it's hard to say because it's all at the equal level.


21. Who were your coaches during your international days?

Christian Hadinata and Atriac Johari.


22. Can you spell out the difference in coaching styles from China, Malaysia, Denmark and Indonesia? What are their Strengths and Weaknesses?

Malaysia and Indonesia are more than less the same. As for other countries I didn't had at the chance to see them training before.


23. Do good players make good coaches?

Yes I believe.


24. You are coaching at the moment, what's the difference?

It's tiring mentally and physically. As a player it's just yourself, but as a coach you have to manage many players.


25. What are the basic requirements to playing good badminton ?

Every element you have to be good at. Different coach, different principle.


26. What's was training regime like when you were playing?

It's the same as all national player like in Malaysia.


27. When you were playing professionally. Were there any stages in your career you went through, that make you had the thought of giving up?

No not at all, I love the sport. It's a hobby and passion.


28. Who do you think is current upcoming players in Indonesia and the world?

It's hard to say one by one but there's a lot upcoming player.


29. As a living legend, what is your vision in Indonesia badminton?

Yes I believe Indonesia can live up to their glory days, but we have to wait. Maybe 2 or 3 years time.


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