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Smith Calls Time on Badminton Career

It's obvious that sporting stars have a shorter time to play at the top level of their game and retiring from a sport they love is something that all players must face eventually in their career.

Depending on the sport and the amount of strenuous activity involved in the game, playes are starting to retire at a younger age but this is more commonly associated with sports that have a higher income level. Whilst badminton is becoming a more popular sport, it is very rare for many players to make a huge living from the game and it is common for players to continue playing for as long as they can.

One player who has announced the end of her badminton career is Liza Smith, the 27 year old from St Albans in England. 27 is not an old age at all, even in badminton and many players have played on for a lot longer than this age but Smith has decided that after 10 years at the top of the game in England that the time is right to call it a day.

Although there haven't been any memorable title triumphs for Smith she has played consistently at the top level and reached many finals in various events with even as recently as March, she and partner Robin Middleton were the runners up in the English Nationals Mixed Doubles event.

The rankings are usually a good indicator of a players overall worth and at her peak, Smith reached the rank of 14th in the world in the Mixed Doubles and was placed at 15th in the Womens Doubles as well as reaching the third spot in the rankings of the Womens Doubles in England.

Tournament success was achieved in 2004 when Smith triumphed at the Mixed and Womens Doubles Canadian Open in addition to victories at the Norwegian and Icelandic Events, also in the Womens Doubles. 2004 also saw Smith take runner up spot in the Mixed and Womens Doubles events at the English National Championships where she was partnered by Kristian Roebuck and Suzanne Rayappan respectively.

Sadly for Smith, she never managed to make it to any of the major sporting events and she will no doubt have some sadness at never making an Olympics, Commonwealth or European Championships but it is not as if she will be the only great player to have never represented her nation at the biggest events.

Whilst the current quality of the English game has been great for the sport overall, it has definitely had an impact on Smith having only won six caps in her entire career, even though she made her international debut alongside Jo Davies playing in the Womens Doubles event in China in 1999.

Another important factor that plays a strong influence on a females career is the opportunity to start a family and be a mother and considering that Smith last year married her long-time fianc¨¦e Andrew perhaps Smith has decided to make the decision to allow her some time to take a break from the game and start a family, which if it is the reason, everyone would surely wish the pair all the best and certainly hope that Smith may continue to have some part in the game.

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