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Hello friend

I have been following your site for long. It's very useful for all badminton lovers.

From my side I have a news to share with you - I along with my elder sister won the doubles badminton tournament held in my college and I think part of my credit goes to you.

Thanks a lot dear.

Bye take care and continue the good work.

Anjali, India

As an ardent badminton fan and one wanting to playit, I love this website so much. The badminton games in this site have taught me an important lesson - ATTACK THE WEAKNESS OF YOUR OPPONENT. Usually, I use to be very self-centered and self-oriented. But after playing the 2 games, I understood that I should change my approach. The opponent in Game1 is good in movement and attack but is slightly weak in defence. On the other hand,one in Game2 is strong in defence but weak in movement.

Thanks a lot.

with warm regards, D.Balachandar

Complement of the season Mr, Chau Yap.Let me beging by thanking you very much for taking your precious time to send me all these innovative past learning Drills Tips. Meeting people like is an asset, becouse it is only now i have the idear of how not only to become a professional player but also to play badminton the way it should be played, i.e professionally.And above all, i am now begining to attain th Skills set out in the diagram you sent to me.While thanking you for this wonderful job, please, accept the assurence of my best regards and consideation as always.

From: A.B. Abdullahi Member of Katsina Badminton Club Katsina State Nigeria.

Thank you so much Sir for the information and advice that you've always share, I appreciate it very much. Being a novice badminton player your lectures and professional input helps me a lot to learn badminton skills and enjoy the game.

God bless you and more power!

Best Regards,


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