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The Importance of Exposure

Every Badminton player needs exposure to become a recognizable and establish player. The amount of exposure a player has can determine his/her performance in a game.

Players without much exposure will not be able to give their 100% in the game because they will not know the real conditions in a tournament.

With exposure, it will definitely reduce one's nervousness level in competitions. Once a player feels less nervous and more relax in tournaments, he or she will be more confident and less pressured to play and win the game. Being nervous is a natural thing for first time participants in tournaments. Badminton Players need some time and more exposure to make themselves comfortable in tournaments.

Players can also expand their creativity by gaining more exposure. Badminton is not just a physical demanding game it is also a mentally stressful game. A player would face tremendous pressure and needs to be mentally and physically tough in order to play a good game.

Badminton is also known as a physical chess game. Physical chess refers to playing chess using the strength of the body. Once players have the exposure, he or she will have the idea of a top player's game and will know how to set up tactics in order to pressure the opponent. They will be able to make more creative shots and placements to pressure their opponent to win the game. This can be called playing a smart badminton game.

From exposure, players will be able to read opponents game more easily. From taking part in many tournaments, players will get the idea on how the opponents move and make shots. Players will be able to guess where his or her opponent will move and hit from the exposure and experience that they had gain.

This gives the player an edge to plan shots beforehand. The ability to read the opponents game cannot be coached but it has to be experienced by the players so that it will be drilled in their mind. It is important to expose players especially the younger ones in tournaments so that they will not repeat some silly mistakes in future tournaments.

Having exposure will lead players to be wiser and will help them to obtain the right training method in order to train smart for tournaments. Once a player is wise, he or she will most probably be on the right track on their training to be a better player. A wise player will be able to differentiate the different methods in training.

Every player will face failures and setbacks in their badminton career. Players who are wise will be able to take the things positively and would not give up easily towards their goal. It is important for a player to be wise in whatever decision that they are making because it may affect their future success. From exposure, player will be able to become more matured mentally because they are already used to the conditions of tournaments.

Once a player is well exposed, he or she will gain the reputation and experience. The reputation of players depended on the tournaments they have joined and their performance in it. Good performance would definitely boost their reputation and confidence.

Players with good reputation will always be respected from many parties including the other participants, the audience, or even the committee of a badminton association. It is very important for a player to be well exposed if they want to be a well recognized and an improved player.

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