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The Importance of Physical Toughness

It is highly important for badminton players to be tough, mentally and physically. Other than having fast speed and sharp skills, a player needs to have the physical toughness as well.

Without it, players would not be able to win a competition or have an edge to win their opponents because he or she will have difficulties maintaining the performance of every tournament.

Physical toughness can be categorized in two aspects, namely strength and endurance. It can benefit players such as allowing the player to stay on the court for a longer period. Endurance and stamina plays an important role for players to stay longer in the game.

Without stamina, players will run out of breath easily in a long rally game. Once a player is exhausted, his/her opponent will be more confident to win the game because it is harder to beat a fresh player. A player needs to be tough physically in order to stay fresh on the court all the time.

With the physical toughness, the strength of the player can be increased. The strength is referring to the power of the hand and the legs in order to produce more powerful shots. Powerful smashes should be produce by a strong upper body such as the shoulder, wrist, chest and also a strong lower body.

Other than that, leg strength is also important for badminton players. Badminton players need to have strong legs in order to produce a better and faster footwork. A player legs will be worn out if he or she doesn't have the strength regardless of having a good stamina.

Once a player is physically fit, he or she can do more training drills to improve their game. With a good stamina and fit body, a player's duration on the court will definitely increase. Once a player can do so, he or she has the chance to train even longer.

A player who is weak physically won't be able to stay long on the court during their training due to the lack of fitness. Therefore, players in desire of more training would need a better fitness.

Once the physical fitness is there, a player can concentrate more on other aspects of the training such as skill, speed, power, and more. The player would not need to worry about his or her fitness hence other aspects can be focused on and developed.

The lack of fitness can be an obstacle to a player's improvement. It is important for a badminton player to be fit because the game of badminton is also known as the physical chess game.

A Player will have smaller chances to obtain an injury once he or she is fit. The injuries that can be avoided are like ankle twists or dislocated shoulders. Players can avoid a twisted ankle if they have strong legs and ankle. With a strong ankle, the player will have more moving abilities.

Dislocated shoulder is referring to a condition where the inner part of the shoulder endures pain due to the wrong strokes of players. A lot of players use more arm strength to smash which is a common mistake. With a strong shoulder or arm, players would not have their arm easily dislocated no matter how strong or how many times they smash.

Physical toughness is considered one of the most important aspects in Badminton. Without fitness, your improvement will be limited.

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