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Tien Minh Nguyen: The Face of Vietnam Badminton

Tien Minh Nguyen is the best Vietnam badminton player. He is a young badminton player that is continuously becoming better. He is the most popular badminton athlete in Vietnam.

He became an excellent athlete even though the Vietnam badminton program is not good. However, that may change in the future with a young talent such as Tien Minh Nguyen on their team.

Tien Minh Nguyen is a very determined person that does not let obstacles stop from obtaining his goals. Vietnam does not have a good badminton program. This is why Tien Minh Nguyen has a very low salary as a badminton player. His monthly salary is only 200 dollars per month. That is a small salary for a professional athlete.

The low salary has not kept him from continually improving as a player evens though he is at a disadvantage compared to other players. Better badminton programs such as in China, Malaysia, and Denmark have top ranked sporting facilities, sponsors, strong local competition, and highly professional training. However the tough circumstances that he trains in are not hurting his career. He currently is the 15th ranked badminton player in the world.

Tien Minh Nguyen has done a lot in his badminton career at the young age of 26 years old. He was the first ever Vietnamese badminton player to play in the Olympics. He won a gold medal at the international Vietnam open in 2008. He also won a gold medal at the Vietnam Satellite and Malaysia Satellite tournaments in 2008. In addition, he has been named a distinctive athlete of Vietnam in 2004, 2007 and 2008. He also has won many other tournaments and honors in his career.

Tien Minh Nguyen is a very most popular athlete in Vietnam. He gets a lot of encouragement from his home country Vietnam to succeed in his career. Before the Summer Olympics in Beijing the robot company rewarded him 2,000 so that he would have the extra motivation at the Olympics to succeed.

Tien Minh Nguyen popularity is helping increase the popularity of badminton of badminton in Vietnam too. It eventually will be as popular as other sports in Vietnam such as soccer, tennis, Ping-Pong, and volleyball. This will be good for Vietnamese badminton because it will attract more talented young athletes to the sport.

Tien Minh Nguyen has much more to accomplish in his badminton career. He has a good support system with his family and country giving him support. They hope that he continues to be successful. His goal of winning a gold medal in the Olympics may eventually be obtained as well.

He has been playing the game of badminton since he was 11 years old. Thus, his discipline and determination will lead him to accomplish everything that he sets his mind too.

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