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"There is nothing training cannot do. Nothing is above its reach. It can turn bad morals to good; it can destroy bad principles and recreate good ones; it can lift men to angelship" said Mark Twain.

The United States of America (USA) Junior Badminton Nationals provide the type of training that is invaluable for young badminton athletes. It helps provide young athletes with the training in fundamentals that are necessary for a long badminton career.

It as well gives them a good experience of playing against other elite badminton players. The junior badminton nationals are a training ground for future Olympians.

The US junior nationals have been held the past couple of years at Marblehead High School in Marblehead, MA. There is a variety of ages that compete in the US junior nationals. The age ranges are from seven years old to 21 years old. There are seven age divisions at the junior nationals.

All the best young american badminton athletes compete in the nationals each year. In addition, the nationals are a good experience for young athletes because it shows them how many other young people are passion about the sport. It also allows them to spend some time with their badminton peers and learn some tips on improving their game.

It takes a lot for any young badminton athlete to win at their age division in the junior nationals. There are over 200 players that compete at the nationals each year. In order to win you have to be able to beat the best players in you age division after playing them on a daily basis for the five days that the competitions last.

It takes experience, confidence, and good badminton intelligence to win the nationals. Equally important is for young athletes to be very athletic, skillful, quick, and to be in excellent shape. In addition, all the athletes take the junior nationals seriously with most of them training about five or six days a week in preparation for it.

The athletes that do win the junior nationals see winning it as a great stepping stone for their career. Especially, considering that every athlete that has won at junior nationals has been on the USA badminton Olympic team.

Therefore the players that win at junior nationals are on the right path toward their Olympic dream. It also helps the young athletes see what the American badminton program is like because former badminton athletes and Olympians help out at the nationals. They coach and train the kids that compete at the nationals.

US junior nationals is a great opportunity for all young athletes. It can show them whether or not a career in badminton is right for them. It illustrates that badminton is not just a so called backyard sport. But, that it is a competitive Olympic sport that may lead them to a prestigious Olympic gold medal.

It may take hard work and discipline. However, the junior nationals can show young people that being a champion is not just a dream but a possibility.

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