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With so much focus on the National Championships in Scotland and England recently, the need to keep developing up and coming talent remains at the forefront of many of the people who run Badminton clubs and one of the biggest Badminton camps in Scotland has launched its appeal for players to come and train this summer.

The Badminton Training Camps take place in Larbet, Stirlingshire between July and August this year with four different groups catering for two specific groups.

The first two camps are for a player aged 10 or over and of any ability with the Smash Camp being the first in early July and this camp is swiftly followed by the Shuttlers Camp.

After these camps take place, attention turns to players of a more serious nature with the Junior Elite and Elite camps for players aged between 12 and 21 who have genuine ambition and aspirations of reaching the National team.

Not only do these camps provide a fun environment to learn Badminton skills, it acts as a holiday for many of the youngsters and allows them to interact with children and fellow Badminton lovers in a way they may not be able to at home.

Overseeing the camps are two names with much experience, the first being Julie Hogg. Julies other roles currently include being the Head Coach of the Scottish National Squad as well as having responsibility for selecting all of the Scottish senior teams. With a wealth of experience in preparation and organisation of fitness training and testing, Julie Hogg is well placed to deliver sound advice to the youngsters who attend the camp.

In addition working in Scotland, Julie has Badminton experience in Finland, India and Sweden which has enabled her to broaden her experiences and provide a greater depth of knowledge to the kids under her tutelage.

Assisting Julie with the camp training is Craig Robertson who will need no introduction for Scottish badminton fans. Robertson first played the game at age of 11 and went onto amass 76 caps for the National Team where he participated in events such as the European Cup, the World Championships and the Commonwealth Games. And it was the Commonwealth Games which provided a major highlight of Robertsons career where he won a Bronze Medal in the Badminton team event in the 2002 Games which took place in Manchester.

With his current position as Badminton Coach at the Glasgow School of Sport, Robertson is still giving back something to the game that served him so well and Hogg and Robertson will provide formidable expertise in the training up of the entrants at this years training camp.

With worries about the growing rate of childhood obesity and the threat of video games to today's modern society it is impressive to see residential training camps like this still taking place and it can only be hoped that even if every participant doesn't go on to play for their national team at Badminton that they have a great time playing the game for fun and enjoyment.

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