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The Uber Cup

Uber Cup The Uber Cup, an international team competition for ladies on the lines of the Thomas Cup was first mooted early in 1950. Mrs H S Uber suggested and offered a trophy to the IBF but the competition was not considered at that time due to financial constraints.

Finally in 1953, the institution of the Uber Cup was agreed upon in principle. Mrs. Uber's kind offer was gratefully accepted and it was agreed that the inaugural contest should take place over 1956-57.
Mrs. Uber made the official presentation of her trophy at the annual General Meeting of the Federation of 1956 and she herself made the draw for the inaugural contest. The Uber Cup is a beautiful piece of silver of unusual design. Surmounted over a swiveling globe stands a lady player on a shuttle.

The trophy is 18 inches in height and was manufactured to Mrs. Uber own design by Messrs. Mappin & Webb, of London. Engraved around the base of the trophy are the words, 'The ladies International Badminton Championships Challenge Trophy presented to the International Badminton Federation by Mrs. H S Uber, 1956.'

The competition is now held every two years with a format of 3 singles and 2 doubles.Here is a list of past Uber Cup winners:

Year                 Champion

1957                 United States

1960                 United States

1963                 United States

1966                 Japan

1969                 Japan

1972                 Japan

1975                 Indonesia

1978                 Japan

1981                 Japan

1984                 China

1986                 China

1988                 China

1990                 China

1992                 China

1994                 Indonesia

1996                 Indonesia

1998                 China

2000                 China

2002                 China

2004                 China

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