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Video Interview with Peter Gade

We were really fortunate to be able to catch Peter Gade for an interview during his stay in K.L, during the 2010 Thomas Cup. It was really kind and generous of Peter Gade in giving us his time for this interview and we at appreciate it very much. Thanks a lot Peter!

As this was the first time we interviewed Peter, we didn't know what to expect and wasn't that prepared. We took videos of the interview but we could have made it better in terms of the set up and quality. We also missed out the first few questions on video. Our apologies!

Peter has been really open and friendly in the interview as you will see later in the video. He speaks fluent English and was very natural in replying my questions just like any seasoned professional sports men would do. More players like Peter Gade will definitely improve the image and popularity of Badminton. A great ambassador of the sport!

Below is part of the written transcript of the video interview and the video itself of Peter Gade's interview. Enjoy!

Chau Yap: At what age did you start playing Badminton?

Peter Gade: I started playing badminton at 6 years old. My parents brought me to a local club and played once a week and then I started to get crazy of this sport.

Chau Yap: Was it your childhood dream to become a professional badminton player?

Peter Gade: I started playing football at the age of 4 and only badminton at 6 so it wasn't so clear at the start whether I would become a professional badminton player. I was very good in football too. Then there was someplace else in Demark, that place was a very good place for youth projects, for talent projects in Aarhus another part and that made it a natural time for me to make a decision whether I should play badminton or football. And I choose badminton because I was more an individual, I was more on my own, I could take full responsibility, that's what I liked at that time. Since I've been missing the team part and being part of the team, but I don't regret my decision, probably it was a good decision.

Part 1 Video

Part 2 Video

Part 3 Video

Part 4 Video

And that concludes our interview with Peter Gade. Once again we would like to thank Peter for his time in sharing his experience and wisdom in badminton inside this interview. It's been a pleasure for and we can't thank Peter enough.

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All the best!

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Enjoy - Watch and Learn!

Best from the BOC Team & Badminton-Information

Peter Gade, Thomas Engholm & Chau Yap

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