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Vountus Indra Mawan Interview

Date: 25/1/2013

Most of them played badminton at an early age, representing their schools at the start then slowly rising through the ranks from district player to state and finally being noticed by the national team.

All of them were unknown to the World then, not until they made the breakthrough in the international scene through sheer hard work and determination and of course talent plays a part as well. And most importantly, they took the chance when there was an opening and this separates the players who made it and those who doesn't.

Any great player will still have to retire one day and their standing in the world of badminton will be replaced by other young players just like them when they were younger. So who will be the next great player? Time will tell...

For today, it's a great pleasure for to interview Vountus Mawan Indra a young rising star player from Malaysia. He was born in 1989, Sabah and currently is a professional badminton player, who was under the Badminton Association of Malaysia for 10 years (2002-2012). Since making in the senior team in BAM in 2006, he's been playing in the Men's doubles event.







1. How old are you now?

23 years old


2. At what age did you start playing badminton?

I started at 8 years old, playing just for fun. At the age of 8 to 12 years old I started professional training from Yap Kim Hock.


3. Is badminton your number 1 passion and interest?

Yes of course.


4. Were you good in other sports as well or badminton was just 'it?

I'm quite good in football and swimming, but mostly football.


5. Which state did you represented before being drafted to the National Team?



6. And you were drafted in because you won some national championships?

Yes I won the national champion(MSSM) under 12 in boys singles and doubles.


7. Was it your intention to be a professional player from the start?

At first it's just for fun. Then we became older and there's a lot of benefits as its the national sport. So i just go for it.


8. How do you find the route of becoming a national player for Malaysia, easy or extremely hard?

Wow, it extremely hard. Even though you're in the national team we still need to compete with each other. We need to wake up early and get results in tournaments.


9. What has been the most difficult barrier for you to overcome in order to become a professional badminton player?

Once you prepare for the tournament with all the hard work and sacrifice and you lose in first and second rounds; bouncing back from this poor result, it's one of the most difficult barrier to overcome.


10. Have you ever thought of quitting?

At the moment no, but quitting I will when I have no choice and I can't play anymore.


11. Are you playing and training full time now?

Yes, I'm training fulltime with coach Razif Sidek.


12. Are you enjoying it?

Yes of course.


13. Are you happy with your progress in the game so far?

Yeah I'm quite happy, since going the under guidance of Razif Sidek for the last few months and I have a won around 3 local tournaments.


14. How hard is it to fill in the shoes of these senior players especially when you have players like Koo and Tan and Chong Wei who is currently world No.1?

It's still a long way to go to reach that level as they have the experience we yet to get.


15. Which other young players are being groomed just like you at this stage to take over from the senior players?

Well, there are a few such as Iskandar Zulkarnain, Misbun Ramdan, Arif Latif and etc. with a little more time you can see them moving up the rangs.


16. There is currently still a big gap to fill between the young players and the senior players. Why is it so?

Yes as the younger players are lack of experience.


17. In your view, what can be done to close this gap and help more young players like you to succeed in the international level?

For me, more exposure


18. A lot of people say that at the moment, there is no one in Malaysia capable of filling in the shoes of Lee Chong Wei. Being a young Malaysian player yourself, whats your view on this?

Yes Chong Wei is consider the best badminton player Malaysia has ever produced. He's a legend. It's good for we younger players use that as a bench mark.


19. To become a successful player, a lot of sacrifices have to be made. Do you think it is worthwhile?



20. What do you think of the new rally points scoring system?

21 points scoring system is very fast, it's more like a mental game. Focus level has to be high.


21. Currently which player you admire the most, both at the local and the international scene?

Markis Kido and Hendra Setiawan. One is excellent in match making at front and another one is a powerful at the back.


22. Who do you regard as the all time best player?

Lin Dan is the all time best in singles. For me in men doubles I would say Markis Kido and Hendra Setiawan.


23. What is your strength in your game?

Smashing and attacking play.


24. Which part of your game can be improved?

For now it's combination and my shots need to be more consistent.


25. China seems to be producing young players in abundance capable to challenge for international honours. Why do you think so?

One thing is their population. Second is they have a very good association and facilities.


26. Is the gap really that big between Malaysia badminton and China?

Overall they are very big as you can see the result in the International scene.


27. Do you personally think Malaysia Badminton can recapture its previous glory?

Yes of course, as there's alot of juniors coming up. They need some time probably 5 to 6 years time.


28. Is there any ways for BAM to improve their systems for better results on international scene?

Yes send juniors more to international tournaments. At the moment they are doing okay but there some things I can suggest as Malaysia has produced a lot champions. Why not give these legends to manage BAM.


29. What is your current training regime like?

10am-12noon and 3pm-5pm. Almost the same as BAM.


30. What is your advice for other aspiring badminton players?

For young players in BAM, grab this opportunity because now BAM and the government has supported with funds. It's time to do something for your countries and family and etc. If for young armature players, if you really love the game; you got to put your heart in training as it's as easy as you think.


31. What is your immediate aim?

Get a permanent partner. When I get a permanent partner I can see my tournament schedule, from there I can set my target.


32. How confident are you in becoming Malaysia No.1 singles player?

Lets say I have enough chance from sponsors. I believe I can do it but it takes time.


33. Badminton - are planning to start a badminton league. Do think it will increase the level of players especially the back-up players and do you support the league?

It's very good for the sport. It's good investment for the sports and people can get inspired from badminton.


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