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Wang Yi Han: Hopes to become the next Zhang Ning

When Wang Yi Han answers questions from readers of, she always mention and emphasis on "hard work".

"To me everyone is worth learning from¡­" quote Wang.

Q: What are your thoughts on the Beijing Olympic women singles final match?

Wang: That was one of the most exciting women singles match in recent years. Although there can only be one winner, they both played to their capabilities and I should learn this from them.

Q: Is Zhang Ning your coach as well as Wang Lin's?

Wang: Yes, now Tang Xue Hua, Yang Dai Ming and Zhang Ning are all our coach. Zhang Ning talks to us more often after becoming our coach. What she teaches for training or match tactics are useful. Learning from the experience she had gain from the past will be very useful for me in my future development in badminton.

Q: People say that you may be the next Zhang Ning, what's your say on this?

Wang: Haha, I hope so. I'll try my best.

Q: What are your opinions on your senior Xie Xin Fang? Do you think she has something that deserves your learning from her?

Wang: Xie is still very determined to play badminton, and this is not easy. We all have injuries problem and everyone faces different difficulties. The way she overcome her problem is something that I would definitely want to learn about. Just like now my skills are not complete yet and still have a lot to learn from Xie and also other seniors including Zhu Lin, Jiang Yan Jiao, Wang Lin.

Q: What do you think of the competition between you and Wang Lin?

Wang: Competition brings improvement. We're friends outside of the court but when inside, we're rivals. But our vision and target are the same. We hope to achieve good results and contribute to our country.

Q: When you compete with your teammates same age as you, how would you feel?

Wang: Do my best, everyone is the same. The point starts from 0:0, so we must do our best for every rally.

Q: Are you confident in becoming the women singles champ? Anything to say to your senior Lu Lan and Zhu Lin?

Wang: Haha, I'll do my best. I hope that I can improve to another higher level. And let us do our best, to gain more honor for china badminton.

Q: Are you confident in winning the label "China's Women Top Singles" scramble?

Wang: To me, there's no such thing. I just want to work harder and try my best.

Q: What are your thoughts after becoming the Women Singles player for China?

Wang: Everyone's playing level is about the same in the team. But of course I am not the best and is working hard towards it. An Olympic gold medal is my biggest dream yet.

Q: When was your habit of yelling on the court cultivated?

Wang: When I was much younger, everyone in the team was training really hard. The coach permits us to yell to help motivate ourselves on court. Not only me, but many players in China and around the world use yelling to motivate themselves.

Q: What is you next target?

Wang: Win more Championships.

Q: What is your biggest dream?

Wang: Winner of World Championship and Olympic. Haha, actually winning is every athlete's dream. What I can do is do my best on every game.

Q: Failure is a very common when someone is growing so how do you transform these failures into your power to move ahead again?

Wang: To me there's pressure inside every path of growth, large or small. Sometimes the growth process is slow sometimes is fast. Anyway we still have to face it all with optimism.

Q: How do you manage your stamina in a match?

Wang: Haha, I've never really figure this.

Q: How would you liven up the atmosphere in a match?

Wang: I will remind myself to be more excited and keep this state throughout the game.

Q: Which equipment model do you use?

Wang: Red YONEX AT900 racket and Red 99 shoes.

Q: What is your ultimate target in life?

Wang: Ah? I think is staying healthy.

Q: What is your target in 2009?

Wang: Play a good game in every match and take more victories.

Q: What type of a player are you?

Wang: I also not sure, I'll leave this judgment to readers.

Q: Till now, what is the most suffering in training or in a match.

Wang: There are many. Like the training on abdominal muscles, I'm higher than normal people so I have to put more effort on it. Also footwork training, when too much is done, I'll get blisters under my foot.

Q: Which is more difficult, military training or badminton training?

Wang: It is different on both. In the military training, we have to stand for a long time without moving whilst in badminton training we have to run and move a lot. Both are tired but different types of tiredness. Actually no matter which field you are in, you will face difficulties.

Q: Who is your closest friend in the team? How do they address you? Any nicknames?

Wang: I am close to everyone. Some of them address me with my full name "Wang Yi Han", but some of them calls me "Little kitty". Not sure why they call me that. Maybe I really look like a cat.

Q: In the men's team, who do you most admire?

Wang: If it's from our team that will be Lin Dan. His mental fitness and ability is also something that I have to learn. I also expect that someday I will reach his level and become a complete player.

Q: Do you love to watch movies? Which type of movies?

Wang: So so, I prefer TV series local or foreign.

Q: What is your main hobby in life?

Wang: ShiZixiu, go online, and play computer games¡­

Q: Do you carry amulets or anything of the same kind?

Wang: No.

Q: Which type of men do you like?

Wang: Haha, I also not sure. Most probably is someone who is taller than me, because I'm quite tall.

Q: Do you have an outgoing personality?

Wang: Still ok, I'll more passive when facing strangers, talk less. But in front of friend I can talk more.

Q: What types of flower do you prefer?

Wang: I have not researched about flowers before. Haha.


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