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What is Badminton?

What is badminton other than a fun and exciting racket sport? Well badminton can be a lot of different things for you.

Playing badminton whether for fun as a hobby or on a more competitive level will improve your overall health significantly when done for at least 30 minutes a day. Many national and official health institutions recommend that you attempt to raise your heart rate for a minimum of 30 minutes a day to keep your metabolism at a healthy rate as well as to lower your resting heart BPM (beats per minute).

Other than simply being healthy for the benefit of raising your heart rate and all the positive effects of raising your heart rate, badminton is often a total body work out. When you practice or even play a full match of badminton (three games) you will have been moving for at least 30 minutes and you will be using muscles that you are not always aware of. By moving your body quickly around the court and swinging your racket for the shots you are exercising almost every muscle in your body without even thinking about it.

When you exercise to build muscle and tone your body the main goal is to exercise the muscle to the point of exhaustion. This is done by repeatedly stretching and working any muscle you want to tone. By stretching and working the muscle you activate the muscle fibers which release hormones into your body that help your body to increase the tone and mass of your muscles. Badminton can help you to do this and that can be part of what is badminton.

Moving from front to back and side to side of the badminton court will not only exercise all the muscles in your legs it will help you to build muscle. The repetition in the actions you are taking as you play the game tends to work much like the repetitions you will find in many weight lifting programs, minus the weights.

Instead of using weights to build the muscle you are repeatedly carrying the weight of your body and the momentum that adds to that weight. Often if you were to work out in a fitness gym or club you would be sitting to lift the weights, in badminton you are not only activating the fibers in your muscles that help to strengthen them you are combining that with aerobic activity creating a total work out for your legs.

When you combine this leg work out with swinging your racket in all sorts of directions to return all types of badminton shots you are incorporating all of your upper body muscles into this workout as well. The swinging of the racket will be close to weight lifting as well.

Even though most badminton rackets are light weight and easy to swing you are adding that little bit of weight along with the momentum of the swing, this activates far more muscle fibers than if you were to sit and simply do repetitive lifting of a heavier weight. And again you are combining this type of weight lifting with aerobic all body activity to produce a raised heart rate and increase your metabolism.

As you think about this you may wonder why there are not huge overly muscular badminton players. This is not because they are not reaping the full benefit of the badminton work out it is simply because badminton is going to be a toning sport.

The activity that is involved will help you to tone your muscles all while burning excess calories and fat deposits. Beside if you were to create a huge muscular physical state for yourself you would no longer have the quick agile ability to move around the court as a successful badminton player needs.

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