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Ways to Improve Women's Doubles Standard in Malaysia

In doubles, the difference between the women and men's game is glaring. It is most apparent in the pace of the game, the on- court movements of the players, and the power of the shots and the deployment of jumping smashes.

However, Malaysian women's doubles teams often fail in international competitions as in the singles version of the game. It is important to improve the standard of the local women players in order to become an overall strong badminton- playing nation.

One of the training methods favored by top women's doubles players is to spar with the men's team. In the men's doubles game, the players usually exhibit a very solid defence as well as an attacking style of play replete with deadly smashes.

The women players should spar with them in order to prepare themselves for tough situations in international tournaments. Once they raise their game to the level of the men's team, they can easily face top international women's doubles teams.

Smashes are often employed in the game of doubles to finish the rally. To improve their doubles game, women, of course, need to work a lot on their attack. The consistency, sharpness, power and placing of the smashes should be developed.

China's world women's doubles champion team of Gao Ling and Huang Sui has one of the most powerful smashes, which contribute to their success. Malaysian women doubles players need to work on their attacking shots in order to be as successful as the men's doubles team.

In addition to being a good attacking team, they need to be equally good in defence as well. Our local women's doubles players often get routed by their aggressive play of their opponents and end up losing the game, unable to put up a good defence.

One of the ways to improve the defence is to spar with stronger players, especially the men. Men's smashes are naturally much more powerful than women's. Once they have a defence strong enough to repel their male counterparts' attack, it will definitely be much easier for them to defend against opponent women's teams' attack.

Speed plays a major role in winning a game, whether doubles or singles. Women need to be fast in their movements and also the pace of their shots. When they have speed on their side, they gain more time to watch their opponents' movements as also being in position always to execute all the shots.

Being fast in doubles also needs a good understanding between the two partners. They need to know each other's movements very well in order to cover the court easily. Malaysian women's doubles players need to increase the tempo of their game in order to match the current top women's doubles players of the world and be as successful as their male compatriots.

In conclusion, Malaysian women's doubles players need to adopt some of the techniques from the men's game in order to be successful in international tournaments. It will be a great advantage for them if they can play with the speed and strength of the male players to match the top women's doubles team.

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