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Ways to Improve the Standard of Women singles in Malaysia

Very often we see Malaysian women singles players getting knocked out in the early stages of international tournaments.

The difference in standards between Malaysia's men and women badminton players is enormous. But there is no need to give up. There are still ways to improve our women singles players' standards so that they can catch up with the world's top players.

One of the best methods is to spar with the men's team. Men are naturally stronger and faster than women. It is highly recommended for a woman player to get a good sparring partner so that she can gain enough experience of tough match situations.

The current top women players of the world from China use this method of training. They have the opportunity to spar with the men's singles players of their national team, which is also currently one of the world's top team.

Improving women's game also involves making one player play against two opponents. The idea of this sort of training is to let the player experience a mentally and physically more demanding situation such as might crop up in match play. In this game, the opponent's court is well covered by the two players.

So the singles player will have to come up with more accurate and creative shots to pierce her opponents' defence while needing more agility and good footwork to cover her own court. This will improve all aspects of her game. By consistently practicing this drill, women will be able to gain the speed and fitness needed to compete on par with the top international players.

In women's singles, the emphasis is more on the quality and depth of the strokes. To improve the game of our local women players, we could adopt a different style of play altogether, that is an aggressive game plan. By playing a more aggressive game, our women can gain the advantage by forcing the opponent into a defensive shell and apply more pressure as the game progresses.

An attacking style of play is normally associated with the men's game but it doesn't mean that it cannot be employed in a women's game. It would be one of the strongest weapons if the player could develop a stinging smash and has the added advantage of an element of surprise as well.

However, our local women's players also need to give more commitment to the game. Also, despite the reversals in international tournaments, the government and the game's governing bodies should continue to give their support if they want Malaysia's women players to reach the top. The players' commitment plays a paramount role in shaping a successful career in badminton.

They should not give up easily despite their failures. They should always try new methods if the older methods don't work for them. They must have "nothing is impossible" type of attitude in order to succeed. As the two- time squash world champion Nicole David once said, they have to explore deep within themselves and gain experience.

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