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YONEX Open Japan Result

Men's Singles Final

[CHN] Long CHEN [4]


[MAS] Chong Wei LEE [1]

21-8 10-21 21-19

Women's Singles Final

[CHN] Yihan WANG [1]


[GER] Juliane SCHENK [8]

21-16 21-14

Men's Doubles Final

[CHN] Yun CAI [1] and [CHN] Haifeng FU


[INA] Mohammad AHSAN [4] and [INA] Bona SEPTANO

21-13 23-21

Women's Doubles Final

[CHN] Yixin BAO and [CHN] Qianxin ZHONG


[TPE] Wen Hsing CHENG [5] and [TPE] Yu Chin CHIEN

13-21 25-23 21-12

Mixed Doubles Final

[TPE] Hung Ling CHEN [5] and [TPE] Wen Hsing CHENG


[DEN] Joachim FISCHER NIELSEN [4] and [DEN] Christinna PEDERSEN

21-19 16-21 21-15

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