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Are Yonex Rackets Better?

YONEX badminton rackets are used by most of the professional players. So is it because their rackets are better? Or is it because they have stronger financial power to promote their products?

Well, I think they do produce some really good rackets using their advance technology. Whether you should pay a premium for their rackets depends on your personal preference and needs.

Anyway, Badminton coach Kah Shin is going to share his thoughts on the technologies used in YONEX Rackets. I am going to leave it to him from here...

Hi there, I am Kah Shin and I am going to share with you my thoughts on the different technologies found in YONEX Rackets. YONEX currently have 4 series of badminton rackets: NANOSPEED Series, ARMOTEC Series, MUSCLE POWER Series and CARBONEX Series. In these Series of rackets, some or all of the technologies that I am going to discuss below are applied on it. Let me start off with...

YONEX Nanoscience Technology

I think this technology can help those who are not so good in generating power on their badminton stroke. This is because the racket head is thinner and lighter, therefore it is easier to swing with the hand.

For those who already possess enough power on their badminton stroke, this technology in the racket helps them to deliver the maximum power and speed when they swing. However this will also depends on how you contact the shuttle.

YONEX Elastic Titanium

In my opinion, this technology makes the racket frame stronger but lighter. This titanium racket frame is not as stiff as the racket from other brands. You won't see this technology in other brands, that's why YONEX is the leader in making quality rackets.

But of course the selling price will be at a premium to other brands. Whether or not you should invest heavily on a racket will depend on how advance your skills are. Do remember this though... skills and techniques are still by far the most important thing in playing good badminton.

YONEX Solid Feel Core

When the shuttle contacts the sweet spot of the racket, it will actually spread out huge vibration. The vibration can deflect the stroke if we could not grasp the strength of it properly. Now with this technology it lessens the vibration from the frame therefore minimizes human errors and produces better, more accurate strokes.

YONEX New Grommet System

In my opinion, this grommet system gives the racket a better string tension compared to the ordinary grommet system. This is because the 10 o'clock and 2 o'clock position of the racket are the two essential points holding strings that cross the center of the racket which is the main hitting point or known as the sweet spot. Better string tension produces better shots but the string will easily break if we miss out on hitting the sweet spot.

YONEX Muscle Power

In my opinion, this muscle power technology enables the racket to have more durable tension in comparison to other rackets. With the technology of the new grommet system combining with the muscle power, it actually tightens the string and makes it more compact. Once the string is tighter and compact, it will be more durable and lasting.

The higher string tension will also provide a more joyous and fun experience when you play. Somehow other brands do not have this kind of technology. The string tension loosens up easily and can last for around two weeks only under frequent usage.

YONEX Isometric Technology

In my opinion, this isometric square head shape technology helps improve the contact of the shuttle. This is because with the larger racket head and area, the player can easily hit the shuttle and helps minimize errors on missing strokes.

YONEX Built in T-joint

In my opinion, rackets with built in T-joint are better in offloading power from the racket. The shuttle will have maximum power because this technology will pass through most of the offloading strength.

YONEX Control Support Cap

In my opinion, this technology can really help players in swinging quick because it gives wider and flatter gripping than other racket. This is especially beneficial to doubles players where doubles game are faster and speedier than the singles game, therefore a lot of quick swings are needed. It is easier for our hands to swing with a wider grip compared to a round handle.

YONEX Titanium Mesh

In my opinion, this technology is not suitable for the kids, but is suitable to the advance players. This is because the titanium fibres make the racket 2.3 times heavier than the normal racket weight. Kids usually cannot perform proper stroke and swing if the racket is heavy.

For the adults or the advance players, this racket helps them send out shuttles faster than the normal racket because it have a stable racket face that generates better impact on the shuttle. However, it is not so good for wrist action because it is heavy.

YONEX Armortech - 800

This technology is incorporated in the Armortech-800 rackets. It is designed mainly for doubles play. It has two types, first is the offensive play boxed shaped type. This type has better face stability and it generates better impact on the shuttle therefore it increases the head speed.

Second is the defensive type which has an aerodynamic cross section. It minimizes the air resistance and is good for net play. This is because net plays need not have a fast head speed.

YONEX Power Armor System

In my opinion, this technology creates a better and more powerful racket frame and it packs more speed and power into the racket. The power and the speed of the shuttle will not be distorted as it hits the sweet spot of the racket. This is good for smashing as the racket accelerates and speed up the shuttles steadily. This technology helps players to have a better killing instinct.


And this wraps up my thoughts on YONEX rackets. I am not suggesting you to get up and go buy a YONEX racket. This is not my intention, as other brands produce good rackets as well. As YONEX rackets are generally more expensive than other brands, you have to figure out yourself whether to buy or not.

Always remember that no matter how good a racket is, it will never replace the importance of having good skills and techniques. So the next time when you are losing more than you win, don't go and change your racket. Instead, improve your skills and techniques. Good rackets would only make a difference when you possess good abilities.

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