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Part of improving your badminton game is to be comfortable as well as have great mobility on the badminton court. Yonex Badminton Shoes work great for almost all badminton players. They can offer all the technology and features you will need in a badminton shoe as well as comfort.

The Yonex brand of badminton shoes is a popular one that usually receives high remarks from those who have purchased and use Yonex Badminton shoes. They have many different types of badminton shoes that are offered in a variety of colors and include different features that you may or may prefer not to have in your pair of shoes. The versatility of choosing a type of shoe with the features you like and make you most comfortable is great.

Yonex Badminton Shoes can range in the amount of features they have. You can choose to purchase their most expensive shoe which will come with Power Cushion, Super MsLite, Round Soles, Hexagrip Soles, Power Cushion Insole, Ergoshape, Double Russel Mesh and Lateral Claw. All of these provide a specific function that will usually add to the power, speed and agility you will have on the badminton court. Other Yonex Badminton Shoes will be priced more reasonably and usually include the Power Cushion and Ergoshape features.

So what do all the bells and whistles of a Yonex Badminton shoe mean for you and your badminton game. First the Power Cushion which is included on all the Yonex brand badminton shoes, is a shock absorber. This is a small cushion beneath the heel of your foot in the shoe. Most shoes have a type of cushioning here made of urethane, however the Yonex power cushion is said to be three times more absorbent when it comes to relieving the shock waves sent through your foot and up you leg as you play. The purpose of the power cushion is to not only absorb the shock of movement but then to reverse the impact of the movement to flow smoothly into your next movement.

The other feature that most Yonex Badminton Shoes come with is the Ergoshape. This is simply the way the shoes are shaped. The positive here is that these are shoes specifically made for the sport of badminton. The Ergoshape is a contour that allows the Yonex shoes to be more comfortable and offer more stability to the toes and fore foot area of the shoe.

If you feel that you need more features and support than is offered in these two options you can move into the variety of Yonex shoes that includes the MsLite feature as well. This feature provides that the shoes are stronger and lighter weight than the E.V.A. Shoes often offered. MsLite is a great support for fast paced foot work and helps to maintain the original shape of the shoe for longer, meaning your shoe will probably last longer than other shoes without this feature.

Other than these three options there are the round sole feature which will provide you with more support for fast foot work. The comfort level goes up as the support goes up so shoes with this feature may seem a bit more comfortable in longer times of use. Likewise the Power Cushion Insole will also provide added support and will help you to keep your momentum when moving laterally across court. The lateral momentum can be important to a game such as badminton as this is one of the most popular movements you will be doing with your feet.

The Power Graphite Lite feature adds the light weight to the high quality and durability of these great shoes, this feature can be found in many of the Yonex badminton shoes and adds greatly to your stability when combined with E.V.A. Likewise Double Russel Mesh is one of the best breathable materials you can have your badminton shoes made of. The mesh in Double Russel is ultra fine and is 8 times more breathable with better air exchange. This reduces the sweat and moisture that will build in your shoes making you uncomfortable and causing rubbing or blister. Having maximum moisture release in your badminton shoes is a great feature to include when looking for the best shoes for badminton.

Finally the Yonex brand badminton shoes can also be purchased with the Lateral Claw feature. This is a simple feature that can add to the power and quickness of your foot movement. This option helps to stabilize the sides of your feet within the shoe to prevent much of the lateral movement that occurs upon landing. Because this movement is stopped you are able to add more power into the next steps you take. This can improve your overall quickness when you perfect the rest of your badminton game.

All in all with the many different features and additions Yonex offers in their shoes you can really find the best shoe for yourself in this brand. The consumers that leave reviews for Yonex Badminton shoes seem to be generally pleased with the performance and comfort they find in the shoes they have purchased. The only complaint is the price but it also seems that many feel better about the price once they see how long this great shoe will last them.

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