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Yonex Dutch Open 2009

Men's Singles Final

Chetan Anand [2] (IND) Beat Eric Pang [6] (NED) 21-12 21-15

Women's Singles Final

Yao Jie [4] (NED) Beat Judith Meulendijks [2] (NED) 21-11 21-12

Men's Doubles Final

Kristoff Hopp [6] (GER) and Johannes Schoettler (GER) Beat Michael Fuchs [4] (GER) and Ingo Kindervater (GER) 21-15 21-16

Women's Doubles Final

Valeria Sorokina [1] (RUS) and Nina Vislova (RUS) Beat Sandra Marinello (GER) and Birgit Overzier (GER) 21-13 21-17

Mixed Doubles Final

Alexandr Nikolaenko [6](RUS) and Valeria Sorokina (RUS) Beat Vitalij Durkin [1] (RUS) and Nina Vislova (RUS) 13-21 21-16 21-12

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