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Yonex Sunrise Vietnam Open GP 2009

Men's Singles Final

Tien Minh NGUYEN [1] (VIE) Beat Wei Feng CHONG [4] (MAS) 21-7 19-21 21-14

Women's Singles Final

Fransisca RATNASARI [5] (INA) Beat Tzu Ying TAI (TPE) 21-19 15-21 21-13

Men's Doubles Final

Luluk HADIYANTO [7] (INA) and Joko RIYADI (INA) Beat Thien How HOON [6] (MAS) and Soon Hock ONG (MAS) 21-19 22-20

Women's Doubles Final

Anneke Feinya AGUSTINE [1] (INA) and Annisa WAHYUNI (INA) Beat Savitree AMITRAPAI [2] (THA) and Vacharaporn MUNKIT (THA) 21-14 21-13

Mixed Doubles Final

Flandy LIMPELE [8] (INA) and Wen Hsing CHENG (TPE) Beat Peng Soon CHAN [1] (MAS) and Liu Ying GOH (MAS) 25-23 21-19

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