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Zhang Ning: Retired But Not Forgotten

"Success is simple. Do what's right, the right way, at the right time" said Arnold H. Glasgow. Zhang Ning has accomplished a lot in her successful career.

She retired from badminton on November 24, 2008. She has achieved everything that she has wanted to in badminton. She has had a long career that has stood the test of time. However, though she is now retired she will not be forgotten.

First, Zhang Ning had a good career. However, she has overcome her share of difficulties and tough loses. She reached the finals at the 2007 Danish Open. But, she lost at the Danish Open to Lu Lan 17-21, 14-21 due to a thigh injury. Then in the France Open she reached the semi-finals.

She was upset by France's Pi Hongyan. In addition, she lost at the China Open in 2007 in straight sets to Malaysia's Wong Mew Choo in the semi finals. She mainly lost that match because of injury and fatigue. She did not let those defeats break her spirits. She used it as motivation to continually improve and work on her skills as a badminton player.

Zhang Ning had many impressive accomplishments in her career. One of the most outstanding was when she became the first badminton player male or female to win back to back gold medals in the women's singles competition at the Summer Olympics. She won gold medal at 2004 Athen Summer Olympics and she defended her title to win again at 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics.

In addition, she has won gold at the 2003 Birmingham World Championships by defeating Gong Ruina 11-6 and 11,3. Then she won silver at 2005 Anaheim World Championships before losing to Xie Xingfang 8-11, 11-9, 3-11 in the finals. She also won a silver at 2006 World Championships before losing in the finals. She has won many other tournaments and championships far too many to name.

She is famous in China and is somewhat of an icon in Chinese badminton. She is well known because of her greatness as a badminton player and also because of the amazing longevity of her career. She began her professional career in 1994 by competing at the Uber Cup. Her career has spanned 14 years which is long for any professional athletes and especially for badminton.

She has had the longest playing career of any Chinese badminton player. She set the age for oldest women singles gold medal when she won it at 2008 Summer Olympics at age of 33 years old. Her having a high profile lead to her winning the distinguished honor of being chose as a flag bearer for her country in the 2008 Summer Olympics closing ceremony.

Equally important in 2006 well known Dutch filmmaker Roel Van Dalen make the documentary film Olympic journey The Road to Beiijing on the life of Zhang Ning. It was broadcasted on TV worldwide.

Zhang Ning had a long and outstanding career. She has made history and broken many records. She had a legendary badminton career. She has definitely done the right thing at the right time. Therefore, Zhang Ning will always be remembered in badminton and known as a badminton legend.

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